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Social-Media-Advertising Social media advertising is an excellent way to drive brand awareness, generate consumer interest, drive people to your website, generate more leads and sales. When it comes to social media advertising, your strategy decides whether you will be successful and unsuccessful. With social media advertising, it is important to have a goal in mind with a desired result. That’s why, DigitalGuyz is here to help you have the right solution and strategy in place to yield powerful results.

Social Media Advertising Solution

Based on your business objectives, our Bakersfield social media marketers will customize a social media strategy and solution. Our ultimate aim is to produce measured results and meet all your business goals.

Social Media Ad Types

Text ads, images or banner ads, video ads, native ads, sponsored ads, and suggestive ads are some of the ad types that are used to promote your brand. Depending on the social media channel, we will suggest the best ad type to help reach your audience.

Social Media Targeting Capabilities

With our social media marketing service in Bakersfield, we target location, demographics, interests, behaviors, connections, and audiences. This way we ensure that your products and services are being noticed by the traffic.

Social Media Advertising Strategy

DigitalGuyz will create a customized social media strategy, based on our client’s goals, industry, markets, services, products, opportunities, and any other metrics that will benefit our client in being successful within social media.

Social Media Advertising Management & Optimization

From the initial social media advertising strategy to helping you achieve the success, DigitalGuyz’s social media experts will create, setup, manage, and optimize your paid social media campaigns to reflect your social media advertising strategy successfully.

Social Media Advertising Reporting

DigitalGuyz’s real-time reporting enables you to know what exactly we are doing and how effective our strategies are. We make sure our clients have clear idea of how our SMM methods are created and implements. Giving 100% transparency is our ultimate motto.

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